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    Barber shop furnishings for the upmarket men's hairdresser

    When you hear the word barbershop, you probably have a concrete image in mind right away. Whether it's an oldschool salon or a modern style: Barbershops have a character all of their own, which differs from conventional hairdressing salons not only in terms of furniture. Barbershops are also often more striking, more industrial, more masculine in their general design. And quite rightly so, because the public expects exactly that: a salon where men feel comfortable. Dark colours, metal signs or the well-known barber pole are just a few characteristic design elements of a barbershop interior.
    77 Produkte


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    What is the difference between barber shop furnishings and hair salon furnishings?

    The style-conscious man appreciates good beard care and perfectly fitting haircuts and likes to be pampered with a beauty programme in a men's salon. However, you need different furniture for a barbershop than for a conventional hair salon. These are the differences:
    • Men's chairs instead of barber chairs. Barber chairs are large, often lavishly upholstered and more like an armchair. This way, a man can really relax while the barber takes care of his beard and haircut.
    • Solid barber'sstation instead of minimalist dressing table. In hairdressing salons, the barber's station is kept rather minimalist and usually consists of a narrow shelf and a mirror. The barber's station is made of more solid materials and offers many compartments for care products and work equipment.
    • Forward washbasin instead of backward washbasin. In the hairdressing salon, the washing areas are a separate area and separate from the subsequent styling area. The washing stations are equipped with backward washbasins. However, this is rather unsuitable for washing the beard. Why the barber uses forward washbasins. The barber wash basins are often set up directly at the operating station.

    What kind of barber shop set-up does a barber need?

    The highlight in the barber shop interior are the chic barber chairs. These scream men's wellness just by looking at them! Large, made of dark leather and sumptuously upholstered for heavenly seating comfort.

    The characteristic gentleman's chair naturally also includes an appropriate Barber Square. With many compartments, a mirror and a forward washbasin, you have everything you need as a barber for the perfect beard care of your customers.

    As More Barbershop Furniture you can, for example, place a reception desk at the entrance, where cashier and co. find their place, as well as a waiting area with chilled armchairs and one or two shelves or showcases where you can display barber shop accessories and additional products for beard care or cosmetics for men. The area can also be used for decorative elements to emphasise your interior style.

    What is there to consider when setting up a barber shop?

    As a barber, you don't just need special furniture. It's also important that you follow through with your style. If you go for retro barber chairs, make sure everything else is in the same style. How to create a coherent overall concept. The same applies, of course, if you go for a modern barber shop interior.

    Barber with style: In addition to the furnishings, the interior design is also important for creating a cool ambience.. Whether you opt for a black and white interior design, go for the industrial style with lots of metal and black or prefer a style with a USA feel. Make sure that the built-in elements harmonise to round off your salon perfectly.

    Order your exclusive barbershop furniture in the SALONDESIGN 24 online shop:

    Barber chairs and barber seats that you absolutely need as a barber, you will find online in our shop or in our showrooms in Schweinfurt and Berlin. Our range includes different materials, colours and designs, so that there is also something suitable for your salon interior.

    And if you are unsure or do not yet have an elaborated concept for your barbershop have, we are happy to support you with planning, furnishing and design. Let us advise you.
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