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    Industrial look hairdressing salon by SALONDESIGN 24

    Do you want your hair salon to catch the eye and wow your customers with a striking design as soon as they walk in? Then an industrial look might be just the thing for your new salon. The trend towards the industrial look has now arrived everywhere and is considered the epitome of chic, hip and modern. The charm is unmistakable and meets with approval across target groups. Find out more here or browse through our industrial style range to see if the style suits you too.

    52 Produkte


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    What are the features of an industrial-look hairdressing salon?

    Whether at home, in bars or at the hairdresser's: the industrial look inspires! Characteristic is the unfinished style that has established itself as the new chic. The ambience, however, is less elegant, but absolutely urban. If you like to make statements, are into black metal and want to go with the trend, then an industrial look is just the thing for your hair salon! Black, rusty brown, concrete, bricks and wood are the protagonists. The elements are used in furniture, lamps, accessories as well as on walls and floors to implement this style in the best possible way. Characteristics or typical things that make up an industrial interior:
    • First and foremost, black metal elements. And it doesn't matter at all whether it is used on furniture, lamps or wall decorations.
    • The contrast to the black metal is provided by wood, preferably also reclaimed wood. The interplay of the two materials takes place above all in furniture or lamps.
    • Concrete looks on floors or walls or bricks painted red or white on the walls reinforce the industrial style.
    • Exposed pipes or wiring as well as naked light bulbs are also chic and fit perfectly into the design.
    • To add a little warmth and colour to the sometimes cool-looking style, houseplants are a nice eye-catcher.

    What items are part of the industrial look hairdresser?

    If you want to furnish your hair salon in industrial style, you have a lot of leeway. Paint the walls black and counter with a rustic wooden floor. Or keep everything white and add the desired industrial accents with glass doors and mirrors with black frames. For the hairdresser's interior, you can use the following furniture for an industrial look:
    • Hairdresser's chairs with metal runners and comfortable black upholstery. The seat can be either straight or curved
    • The waiting sofa or the armchairs in the waiting area follow the style of the dressing table. Here you can create an additional contrast to the black frame with coloured upholstery, e.g. in grey or rust brown
    • Black armchairs at the washbasin fit perfectly with an industrial hairdresser's style. In addition, you can visually separate this area with metal shelves. This emphasises the style even more. Place indoor plants and additional light sources on the shelves so that the area as a whole does not appear too dark.
    • For the reception, cloakroom and service stations at the hairdresser's, for example, choose furniture made of an interplay of wood or reclaimed wood and metal. These fit harmoniously into the overall concept

    Industrial style furniture for your hair salon

    If you now feel like creating your new hairdresser with an industrial look, you will find everything you need at SALONDESIGN 24. From Hairdresser's chair to the reverse washbasin, from the Counter until Mirror. You can get additional ideas in our showrooms in Schweinfurt and Berlin and in our free catalogue. If you have any questions about implementation or furnishing, we will of course be happy to support you. Just get in touch with us!
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