Architectural services

We offer you a comprehensive network of specialised architects who can assist you with individual project planning and implementation on request.
This way, you get first-class interior design and components for your salon that are optimally matched to you.

Georg Spieker

... takes time to let your thoughts mature and is open to go new ways together with you or even to change direction completely once...

STUDIO SPIEKER serves you in Berlin +/-50km, as well as Münster +/-50km.

Mayfair Hairfashions Bikini Berlin

Contemporary design, colours and materials in perfect symbiosis with given industrial spatial structures.

Franziska Lehn

... no room is too small - no idea too big...

Franziska is your contact person for AES and coordinates and organises all other trades for you.

LEHN DESIGN takes care of you in Munich +/- 100km.

EPICENE by Georg Zacher

Service for architects

We are happy to support you with planning, assembly and delivery of all aspects of hairdressing equipment.

We will be happy to provide you with 3ds symbols and assembly instructions for your planning.