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    Stylish hairdresser's service station

    The service stations at the hairdresser's are not only eye-catchers, but also set the tone in terms of style. They catch the eye as soon as you enter the hairdressing salon and, in the best case, they are already visible from the outside. This is how you can impress your customers from the shop window. Large dressing mirrors, cool lighting and stylish dressing chairs make for a lot of WOW. Use this to call an "aha" salon into being instead of a yawn!
    180 Produkte


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    What features should a hairdresser's workstation have?

    The operator's station is the focus and main workplace for the hairdresser.. Therefore, the area should not only be stylish, but also functionally equipped. In addition to comfortable adjustable hairdressing chairs you should pay attention to the following things:
    • Makesure there is enough light at the styling station so that you have an optimal working environment at any time of day. You can install mirrors with integrated lighting or create additional light sources with wall or ceiling spotlights.
    • A large mirror at the service station is essential for both hairdresser and client. It is especially important for your customers to be able to see themselves at all times while they are having their hair cut and styled. Styling mirrors are available as wall mirrors for hanging with or without a shelf, for standing on or as an ensemble consisting of a styling table with integrated mirror.
    • A small shelf under the mirror is particularly useful so that your customers can place personal items and keep them in view at all times. Some service stations have a built-in socket where you can plug in appliances such as hairdryers or straighteners.

    Which design should I choose for a hairdresser's workstation?

    As with all your hairdressing equipment, the same applies here: The furniture must fit in with your overall concept. From a chic or elegant interior to a vintage style to the Industrial flair everything is possible for your salon. The combination of colours, materials and shapes determine the image. Regardless of the style you as a hairdresser want to give your service area, you can design this area as follows, for example:
    • Styling stations on the wall. If you have a small to medium-sized room, wall-mounted workstations are the best choice. This is because it saves space and you can divide your salon into different work sections more easily.
    • Free-standing service stations are suitable for hairdressers who have a large room available. Standing in the room is an absolute highlight, but it also takes up a lot more space and can make it difficult to walk around. Important here: Bear in mind that with a free-standing styling station, you have to attach the mirror to the ceiling. The advantage is that you can use this area as a visual room divider and have more space on the wall for shelves and showcases. These can then accommodate additional products for hair care and cosmetics that expand your product range.
    • Hairdressers with double service station or 4 hairdressing stations. Whether wall-mounted or free-standing, the workstations are available individually or in multiple versions.
    • Barber service stations usually look different from those at the hairdresser. The furniture of the barber's workstations is somewhat heavier and offers storage space for accessories and equipment in addition to shelves and mirrors. In addition, a washbasin, or more precisely a forward washbasin, is built in. Because beard and face can be washed much more easily here.

    Order exclusive service stations for your hairdressing salon easily online:

    From the operating station to styling chairs and complete furnishings: if you are setting up your own business as a hairdresser or renovating your salon, you can now get the complete equipment order. Our assortment is wide-ranging, so you can put together all the furniture you need with us. Among the different styles, you are sure to find the right one for your salon. If you are one of the less patient or if you don't have the time, you can order from our package offers view. There we have already put together coordinated furniture for you! So you save time and can be sure that everything fits.

    If you still have questions about your hairdressing furnishings or do not know exactly how to round off your concept, we will be happy to advise you. Contact us or come and visit us in our showrooms in Schweinfurt or Berlin. Then you can also get inspired on the spot!

    Small tip: For hairdressers with a somewhat smaller budget, it's worth taking a look at our Sales category. There are cheaper service stations there that will look just as good in your hairdresser's.
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