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    Packages - Complete hairdressing salon equipment - The complete package for your salon

    Choosing salon furnishings can be both costly and time-consuming. Every single piece of furniture has to be chosen in your head to match your vision. For this reason, we offer you a complete service for your next salon interior. Whether you are reopening after a complete renovation, bringing a breath of fresh air into your business with a new salon set or want to start from scratch with a new salon - we always have favorable offers for complete equipment packages.

    55 Produkte


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    Hairdressing salon equipment as a starter set

    Good planning is the be-all and end-all if you want your hair salon to be successful. However, the budget is limited, especially in the initial phase. But that doesn't mean you can't give free rein to your creativity. We support you in implementing your ideas for your hairdressing salon with our complete package of hairdressing salon equipment. There are various designs and equipment available at reasonable prices, including the following:
    • Hairdresser reception or hairdressing counters
    • Forward washbasin
    • Hairdresser waiting area
    • Hairdressing chairs
    • Mirror
    • etc.

    Can you also customize the hairdressing salon equipment as a complete package?

    Our package offers are not set in stone. Cheaper by the dozen may sound good, but our offers for salon equipment for hairdressers are not quite that extensive. But they could be if you let us create an individual offer for you. In our online store, you will first see one or two hairdressing salon furnishings as a complete package deal. Before you buy each item individually, please check our ready-made furnishing packages for hairdressing salons first. As a rule, the decision to purchase hairdressing furniture for your salon in a package deal has a positive effect on the sales price. True to the motto: buy hairdressing salon furniture as a set and save money.

    What equipment should the hairdressing salon equipment have as part of the package?

    If you want to buy complete furnishings for your hairdressing salon, you need to define your criteria in advance. Ask yourself what your salon furnishings need to include. First and foremost, functionality is important. A complete hairdressing salon interior must be easy to clean so that you can clean the furniture easily. At the same time, the hairdressing interior must contain everything you need for your profession. In addition to hairdressing chairs, you need hairdressing washing stations. You also need sufficient storage space and shelves for your accessories. Our service trolleys are ideal for this.

    What can you expect when you buy hairdressing furniture or complete hairdressing salon equipment from us?

    Our hairdressing salon equipment complete package offers are an all-round carefree program. They include the equipment you need as a hairdresser to carry out your daily work. The advantage of our complete hairdressing salon equipment is that all pieces of furniture are coordinated with each other. They form a visual unit and create a well-rounded ensemble. Color, shape, size and structure match each other and there are no slip-ups in terms of design. What's more, the hairdressing salon furnishings are cheaper to buy as a whole than if you purchase the hairdressing furniture individually.

    Can you also view the hairdressing salon equipment as a complete package?

    You can do this by visiting us in our showrooms. Before you do, however, we recommend that you take a look at our complete range of affordable hairdressing salon equipment in the catalog so that you can get an initial idea of our range. We will be happy to advise you on site about your complete set of hairdressing equipment. You can also contact us by telephone to make an appointment.
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