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    Hochwertige Friseurstühle von SALONDESIGN 24 für Ihren schönsten Salon

    Are you setting up your own hairdressing salon or would you like to bring a breath of fresh air into your hairdressing salon? Then you've come to the right place. We have everything you need for this. Starting with the protagonists: the hairdressing chairs!

    And we even have many different ones in our range. From hairdressing chairs in different colours (black, white, brown or red) to oval and square upholstered shells, with castors or with a base plate or adjustable backrest. After all, you shouldn't settle for just any hairdresser's chairs, but buy the perfect ones. Chairs that provide a high level of seating comfort and match your style.

    Hairdressing chairs immediately catch the eye and underline the interior style of your salon. Therefore, let yourself be inspired by our wide selection. We can score with renowned brands, high-quality designs and first-class quality.

    215 Produkte

    What types of hairdressing chairs are there?

    Depending on which features you value at work, you can adapt the design of the hairdressing chairs. Cutting hair, colouring, styling: Depending on the customer's wishes, it can be time-consuming. A high level of seating comfort is therefore extremely important so that your customers always feel comfortable. But also for you as a hairdresser or barber, the chairs should be easy to handle and suitable for all work steps. There are the following things to consider with the different designs of hairdresser's chairs:
    • The upholstery. There are hairdressing chairs with oval or square seat shells. With a smooth surface or with stylish quilting. The shape and colour of the upholstery determine the style. Therefore, in addition to comfort, pay attention to what fits best in your salon. For easy handling, go for easy-care materials that can also be wiped clean if paint or shampoo gets spilled or can be easily disinfected.
    • The foot. Here, too, there are different versions that determine style and handling. The hairdresser's chair is available with castors or with a fixed base. With the latter, you can choose, for example, between a spider foot, cross foot, plate foot or base plate. If the foot is equipped with a pump, the hairdresser's chair is easier to adjust so that you always have the right height depending on the client.
    • Further features. Depending on the model, the hairdresser's chair is also equipped with adjustable backrests, footrests, headrests and armrests. All this ensures above all that you sit more comfortably, even during long hairdressing sessions.
    When it comes to hairdressing chairs, it's not only the finish or the equipment that counts, but also the design. So choose chairs that reflect the style of your salon.

    How can the hairdresser's chair be selected to match the salon furnishings?

    The combination of upholstery and feet on the styling chair determines the style. Depending on the style of your hairdressing salon, you need the right combination. Here we have a few suggestions for you:
    • For an elegant style. A hairdresser's chair with straight, angular seat shells and a black frame is simple and classic and therefore perfect for this style.
    • For a clean style, a white hairdresser's chair is ideal. Metallic effects such as a colour combination with gold or curved lines on the upholstery create a visual highlight. Combine this with a plain frame, preferably in silver, to continue the unexciting look.
    • For a hairdresser's chair in retro style round upholstery, half-round shells or upholstery with characteristic stitching are ideal. Choose colours like brown, red or green to emphasise the style. If you're going retro in a black and white style, design the hairdresser's chairs in this colour combination.
    • For industrial style it's best to play with black and brown tones or choose chairs in all black. Paired with a black frame that matches metal elements in the rest of the salon's décor, make the hairdresser's chair perfect for this look.
    • There are very special barber chairsfor a barber. The barber chair is more like a barber chair and is large, lushly upholstered and a true statement piece. The men's chairs are usually black or brown and get their characteristic look from the armrest, footrest and headrest.
    No matter what style you choose for your hair salon. We have a hairdresser's chair to match. Feel free to put it together yourself in our online shop.

    Buy a hairdresser's chair with or without castors?

    Whether you buy a hairdressing chair with or without castors depends entirely on your preferred handling and use of the chair. For example, if you have service stations in different places in the salon, castors might be important to make it easier to move the chairs from A to B without the client having to stand up. The hairdresser's chairs with castors are usually equipped with a stopperso that you still have the necessary support when you need it. It is also practical for customers in wheelchairs to be able to quickly move the hairdresser's chair to the side. If you want more stability, a chair with a leg is more suitable for you. The frame or base also changes the style of the chairsso that you can also make the choice from the design of the rest of your salon.

    The right chair for every hairdresser: we support you with your salon furnishings

    Setting up your hair salon can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be! If you have found your style, you will find enough on our site Inspiration and a wide range of designsfrom which you can choose the one that suits you best. It is best to start with the hairdressing chairs. Simply click through our online shop or order our free catalogue.

    If you have not yet decided or need help with the design, our competent team will be happy to assist you at any time. With advice, planning and help with implementation, everything is easy. You are also welcome to visit us in our Showrooms in Schweinfurt and Berlinto get to know us and our range better.

    For great deals on hairdressing chairs, you can use our Outlet or our Sale category visit or our package offers view. There, we have put together a hairdressing set for you that is already coordinated.
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