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    The washing area at the hairdresser's: What your customers expect

    For many, a visit to the hairdresser is a little time out from everyday life. A moment in which you do something for yourself and enjoy it. In order to offer your customers exactly that, a coherent overall concept in terms of equipment and design is essential in addition to good service.

    From the entrance to the dressing tables to the washing area, everything should follow a style direction. Then a visit to the hairdresser is like a spa moment. Everything fits together, everything is harmonious and everything invites you to switch off.

    139 Produkte

    Which design should you choose for your hairdresser's washbasin?

    Your hair salon should not only functionality, but also because of its appearance be divided into different areas. This way you can better coordinate the work processes and the overall picture appears calmer due to the order. The wash chairs are often at the back of the hairdresser's salon. Somewhat separated from the hustle and bustle at the entrance and the dressing tables. Which design you choose for them depends entirely on what you want for your salon. Depending on the style, you can choose the following designs, for example:
    • Black hairdresser's wax chairs go with many styles. You can create an elegant salon or go for a chic or industrial line.
    • White hairdressing chairs go best with a clean look. It makes your salon shine and looks friendly and elegant.
    • Hairdresser's wax chairs in other colours set accents. In brown or beige, you can keep the design rather neutral. With bright colours, you can go for a retro or urban style.
    The wash units are available as a chair, an armchair or a sofa. In addition, wash chairs with footrest or wash basins with massage are an additional highlight at the hairdresser's. This offers your customers extra seating comfort and a pleasant break. With a discreet room divider, some greenery or optical decorative elements, you can design this area as a small oasis and increase the feel-good factor for your customers.

    Forward washbasin or backward washbasin: Which hairdresser's washbasin is better?

    Reverse washbasins are most commonly used at the hairdresser's washing station. And normally this is what your clients are used to. However, it can be helpful to have a Forward washbasin in your salon. There are Two customer groupsfor which this is mainly needed:
    • Older customers. For them, the backward washing chairs are often not only unsuitable because of the mobility, but also uncomfortable due to the head position during washing.
    • For customers in wheelchairs. The hairdresser's wash chairs often cannot be separated from the wash column. So it is anything but wheelchair-friendly. A problem that you as a hairdresser and client do not have with the forward washbasin. As an alternative, you as a hairdresser can also set up a rotating washbasin. This way, the customer in the wheelchair can simply sit to the side of the hairdresser's washbasin.
    If you have enough space, integrate both variants into your equipment and let the customer decide in case of doubt. A service that can bring you more satisfaction.

    Every hairdresser has his or her own style, we have the right washing station

    As nice as a reverse washbasin for the home would be, it's nicer when we can use the enjoy a little luxury moment at the hairdresser can. Just press pause for a moment and let yourself be pampered with a head massage.

    So that your customers get exactly that, this little luxury in everyday life, we have the ideal salon equipment for you. Turn a visit to the hairdresser into a highlight for your customers ̶ with an ambience that simply makes you feel good.
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