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    The reception at the hairdresser's as a business card for your salon

    The reception desk at the hairdresser's is usually the first thing your customers see when they enter your salon. So it is all the more important that this area is attractively designed and conveys style and professionalism to your customers in the very first seconds. This creates trust and makes your customers feel comfortable right away.

    At SALONDESIGN 24 we offer you a large selection of different reception desks. This way, you can choose exactly the furniture that best suits your salon. A coherent concept results in a harmonious overall picture and a visual business card to remember.

    69 products


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    What makes a good hairdresser's reception?

    Very important: First impressions count. So make sure that the reception area in your hair salon looks tidy and inviting at the same time. Your customers should enter your salon, look around and know that they are in the right place.

    However, the reception counter at the hairdresser's is not purely representative, but should also be functional. This is where administrative items such as the till, telephone or stationery find their place. It is therefore all the more important that the reception counter offers enough shelf and storage space to accommodate a lot in a small space.

    Tastes and styles also differ among hairdressers. That's why we offer hairdressing counters in various designs. This way, you can harmoniously integrate the functional entrance into the overall image of your hairdressing salon and add your own touch.

    Which design should you choose for your new hairdresser's reception?

    Which design is best for your reception depends on what kind of hairdresser you are.

    Do you belong to the classic salons that score with timeless furnishings? Then classic hairdressing counters in white, high gloss or matt, as well as black counters are a good choice. If you prefer to express a certain character with your furnishings or want to appeal to a specific target group, then go for eye-catching designs. A counter with a marble-look front or a printed front is eye-catching. Counters with a wooden look or wood applications are particularly suitable for hairdressers with a rustic or natural style.

    Small tip: If your hairdressing salon is relatively small, white furniture is a precision landing. This will make your premises look bigger. Light-coloured rooms are also friendly and calm. In our range you will also find small reception counters in white for your salon.

    What are the advantages of an illuminated hairdresser's reception?

    Light creates the ambience. This is also the case in your hairdressing salon. While the luminaires on the ceiling are more suitable for appropriate work lighting, other light sources provide the feeling. Indirect light, as in the case of an illuminated counter, or wall lamps create a smooth ambience with a feel-good character.

    Another advantage of lighting is that you can direct the focus to certain areas. So if you have placed additional products such as cosmetics or hair care in the salon, you can show this with appropriate lighting. By setting up the display area in the entrance, you have two main advantages:
    • The illuminated reception desk at the hairdresser's is then no longer just an eye-catcher, but also sets the scene for your other product range
    • At the hairdresser's, the reception is not only the first, but also the last place where your customer spends time. If you place your products here, it is more likely that your customers will feel encouraged to browse and take one or two other things with them.

    Hairdressing salon furnishings: SALONDESIGN 24 has the right hairdressing counter for every style

    Professional appearance with functional, stylish reception counters for hairdressers. In our online shop you will find the right salon furnishings to create a beautiful atmosphere for your customers from the entrance area onwards. Click through at your leisure and let yourself be inspired. If you have any questions or would like advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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